Dumbbell Snatches in a morning workout

Q: What is CrossFit?
A: High-intensity exercise done in small groups with qualified trainers.

Q: I'm a beginner. Can I do CrossFit?
A: Yes, most of our visitors are beginners and we are very careful about teaching and instructing. Your first few workouts will be short and simple, we want you to have a fun experience!

Q: What are your hours?
Mon/Wed/Fri Morning- 5am,6am
Mon-Fri Afternoon - noon,430pm, 5:30pm, 630pm
Sat - 9:30am

Q: Should I get in shape first?

A: That's what we are for! We teach you everything you need to know and we adjust the workouts according to your fitness level.

Q: How is CrossFit Addiction different than other CrossFit Gyms?
A: We have 60 min classes broken down into warmup, mobility work, skill sessions, strength lifts, conditioning workout, and stretching. We look at our clients long-term and want them to make progress years after they join. That means we take a more scientific approach rather than choosing random, short workouts and then pushing you out the door for the next class.

Q: How is CrossFit Addiction different than big gyms like LA Fitness or Gold's?
A: CrossFit Addiction is similar to the strength and conditioning programs in Division I NCAA colleges. Our members want guidance to continually improve their fitness level. That means trainers instruct the group through every aspect of training, teaching you the fundamentals along the way. After a few months, our members notice significant improvement in their flexibility, strength, conditioning, and body composition.

Q: How do I start?
A: Schedule a free visit. Or 310-293-9215, email

Q: Why do CrossFit gyms charge different rates?
A: Every CrossFit is completely different. Some have less equipment, smaller space, less trainers and shorter class times. By eliminating aspects of their program, they can charge less. These CrossFit gyms base their program on what makes financial sense. We designed our program on what is best for our clients. Remember, you are paying for results! With 6 years in Kennesaw/Acworth we've trained more than 600 members!

Q: Do you help with nutrition?
A: Yes, we cover nutrition with each of our clients.