Fri 3-21-14

Alyssa's 2nd CrossFit workout
Alyssa’s 2nd CrossFit workout

Alyssa tried CrossFit. Alyssa joined CrossFit. Alyssa loves CrossFit:

1. Deadlift (3×3 85%)
2. Bench Press (5×3 85%)
3. (5 Rounds for weight)
5 rounds of split jerks off the rack adding weight each time.
*Record the weight for each of the 5 rounds.
Metcon (3 Rounds for time)
1st round 25.
2nd round 20.
3rd round 15.
UNBROKEN reps. Record each round’s time.
-Toes To Rings
-Barbell Lunges 75/45lbs
-KB Swings 55/35
-Double Unders
**If you break up your reps, perform 4 burpees and resume.

Alyssa – Brand New Member!

We have about 4 new people try out CrossFit Addiction each week. Alyssa was one of those people.

She already tried CrossFit at a local Kennesaw affiliate, so she knew a little about CrossFit training.

alyssa_deadliftOnce we spoke I realized she was looking for more challenge in her workout routine and that’s why she was visiting. Boy did she come to the right place!

Alyssa, how did you find out about CrossFit?
 I found out about crossfit through friends of mine who have been doing it for a while.

What did you find appealing about CF Addiction?
-What attracted me to crossfit addiction was seeing friends results who have been doing it for a while and it made me want to give it a try since the gym wasn’t doing what I had expected.

What is your fitness background?
-I’ve been into fitness my whole life playing sports throughout elementary, middle, and high school. I played basketball, soccer, and softball. Once I entered college I played pick-up soccer and tried to go to the gym. I’ve ran a half marathon and some personal challenges, and now crossfit will be my next challenge to accomplish.

What would you say to people who are intimidated to try CrossFit?alyssa_pullup
-I think people say they’re scared of crossfit because they think they’re not “fit” enough to do it. But, I would let them know that crossfit is more of a personal trainer for each individual and works with everyone differently. It works for everyone at each level, whether its someone who’s never been to the gym before or someone who is habitual about going to the gym.

CrossFit Addiction members are excited to have Alyssa join our group and looking forward to all the fun workouts together!!

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