friday 2-14-14

Front Squat (1 rep max)
Shoulder Press (1 rep max)
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)
Every 3 Min for 5 Rounds
Row 12 Calories
12 Dips
12 Slamballs
12 DB Snatch
12 Burpees
2k Row (Time)
Max Effort 2k Row


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How Squats Can Help With Fallen Arches
-by Slater

Are you doctors telling you that you have collapsed arches? Maybe it’s just that no one has told you how to create an arch? Performing squats properly can put your shins in the right orientation to support the arches in your feet. In particular, focusing on externally rotating the legs from the hips, while keeping the feet slightly angled out and planted on the floor, can create the arch you need. This action causes the arches of the feet to pull up off the floor so you can better balance the load on the “tripod” of your foot, using the balls of your big toe and little toe, and your heel.

Doesn’t make any sense? I figured… so, let me start over.

Stand up and practice this now: with your heels shoulder-width apart and toes turned out about 30 degrees, drive your feet down and try to spin them out as if they were on dinner plates. While doing so, drive your big toe down. Simultaneously, externally rotate your legs from the hips. As you do this you should be able to feel your feet pulled into a well-supported arch. To see how this works, then switch off the external rotation at the hips and let your legs rotate inwards. When you do this you will feel the arches of your feet collapse towards the floor. Now you understand why your arches can collapse and what you can do to stop it from happening.

When you are able to maintain that knees out position during the squat, it will become easier to maintain your arches for any other exercise – whether you’re performing a pistol, box jump, lunge, front squat, thruster, overhead squat, walking, running, climbing stairs, etc… Working on this technique takes time and effort, as with any of the exercise. It won’t happen overnight, but if you stick to it, you will eventually get there… and then you’ll probably see your squat numbers sky-rocket.



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