friday 3-28-14

These two beauties dominated all the guy teams on the WOD. Better step up your game boys.

Not the cheapest. Just the best:

Junk Food and the Free Market
Carb Reloading

Bench Press (5×2 90%)
Deadlift (2×2 90%)

MetCon 1:
50 Tire Flips (Time)
50 Tire Flips

300 Workout (Time)
25 Pullups
50 Deadlifts 135/95lbs
50 Pushups
50 Box Jumps 24/20
50 Floor Wipers 135/95lbs
50 KB Clean & Press 35/25
25 Pullups

The Secret to Great Abs
-by Slater, repost from 5/9/13

Admit it: half the reason we watch the CrossFit Games on ESPN is because the athletes are nearly naked and oozing sex appeal. Everybody’s got ripped abs, sick arms, bootylicious butt cleavage, or whatever it is you’re into. Guess what? Getting abs like that crew isn’t as tough as you’d think.

The big myth about getting a sleek, jelly-free belly is that you have to do endless stomach exercises. Hence the never-ending procession of rollers, riders, crunchers and other fitness gimmicks that never give you the washboard you want. You cannot roll, twist, or squeeze your way to a sexy stomach, no matter what the infomercials tell you. Here’s why: you already have abs! They might not be as developed as Rich Froning’s, but you already have abs. The problem is that fat is covering them up. Get rid of the fat, and your abs will show up just fine. Believe me, they are there.

Doing stomach exercises is important for further developing those muscles and building core strength, but the best thing you can do as far as your torso is concerned – not only for improving confidence, your looks, and your comfort with your body, but your health – is to shed fat. Midsection fat is the most harmful kind of fat to your health and is a critical indicator of stress.

Flex your stomach – even if you’re a couch potato, there’s a little muscle there. Now, if you are flexing and you can still grab abdominal fat in your hand, that’s exactly how much is surrounding your precious internal organs – and that’s a dangerous thing. Fat on your backside? Not so much.

So by all means, crunch away – but your middle will actually get bigger if you don’t simultaneously shrink the fat. Spot toning without overall fat reduction is the wrong approach to getting flat abs, but it’s what most people do. And notice, nothing changes much.

A healthy middle means reduced chances of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and sleep problems. What’s the best way to start seeing abs?

Cut out all refined carbs, sugar and alcohol for two weeks. I guarantee you’ll see a major reduction in bloat and midsection fat. Although excess calories are what add the poundage, sugar is the culprit that goes right to the gut. It’s incredibly difficult to have a spare tire if you are primarily getting your calories from protein and produce.