Friday! 6-27

Carl's bar floating after a deadlift
Carl’s bar floating after a deadlift


Our 6-year anniversary is this month! Come see why we’ve grown into the largest CrossFit in Kennesaw/Acworth.

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Workout Of The Day
Weighted Pull-ups (EMOM for 5 Min. 3 Reps Deadhang)

AM Boot Camp Workout
3 Rounds
Sled Push
Run Around Bldg
20 Elbows To Hands
20 Mt Climbers
20 Calories Row
20 Elbows to Hands
20 Mt Climbers

PM CrossFit Workout
Farmers Carry with Trap Bar 200 Ft
50 Floor Sweepers
Farmers Carry
50 Wallballs
Farmers Carry