*Designed for women, regardless of experience and fitness level

  • Women from all walks of life
  • Small group environment allows for individualized attention
  • Welcoming and inclusive environment for women of all ages and abilities to experience the empowerment of CrossFit and explore their athletic potential.
  • Women who might feel more comfortable in female only environment
  • Encouraging and supportive coaching that keeps you consistently challenged and motivated
  • Consistency in meeting times eliminates the guesswork around fitting in your workout and keeps you working out year round.
  • Tight knit community that fosters support and inspiration from fellow women athletes both in and outside the gym
  • No intimidation- We are accommodating to women of all fitness levels and abilities
  • Focus is on the mastery of proper technique and mechanics before intensity
  • Real results- Burn fat, gain lean muscle and get that body you've always wanted
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