Monday 2-14-14

You know, I’ve always wanted to try CrossFit…

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Shoulder Press (5×5 70%)
Blackjack (Time)
Row 1000M
21 Push Ups
21 Hang Squat Clean 95lb/65lb
Row 500M
21 Push Ups
21 Hang Squat Clean
Row 1000M
21 Push Ups
21 Hang Squat Clean

Heat (Time)
Power Cleans 135/95lbs
Flash Pushups
Sprint 200ft

Good Sleeping Habits
-by Slater, repost from 9/20/13


Which one of these sleeping positions is yours? When you are struggling with certain movements in your workouts, you might want to look closer at how you sleep. Spending 8 hours in a poor position can have a direct impact on your performance in the gym. As K-Star says, “athletes that respect themselves don’t sleep on their stomachs”. I was talking with a few folks last Saturday about their sleep position, and a handful admitted to sleeping on their stomachs. If you were one of those people and didn’t believe me when I said to stop doing that… then listen to K.Star. Learn to love sleeping in the “soldier position” and you’ll wake up without sore necks, traps or shoulders.