monday 3-31-14

It’s not all about weights and cardio. Real athletes have coordination too.

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Shoulder Press (1 rep max)
Front Squat (1 rep max)

Metcon (Time)
4 rounds for time
10 ghd situps
12 kb swings 55/35
14 pushups

It’s exciting this week because we’re doing our 1 rep maxes and because the weather is amazing. Here’s a few tips for 1 rep max week from a coach who’s been doing this for 7 years:
1. Know exactly what weight you want to lift. Having a goal allows you to add weight on your warmup sets in the correct order.
2. Don’t make big weight jumps as you approach your PR. Add 2.5lb weights or 5lb weights NEVER 10’s or 15’s. It’s too much for the CNS to handle. I see sad faces when people try 205lbs then 235lbs and don’t get it. Shoulda done 210lbs!
3. Get your mind right. NEVER get under the bar and think, “This is really heavy!”
4. Eat alot of food/calories on 1 rep max day. Eating 2 eggs and a slice of tomato all day isn’t going to help you PR.
5. Warmup. A few leg swings and a 500m row isn’t a warmup. We do a 20-30 min warmup/mobility because it works.
6. Stop doing MetCons, keep them short, or do them without intensity. Nothing worse than 6 weeks of hard work ruined by extreme soreness because you ran 13 miles and did 200 pullups the day before your lifts. You can do more conditioning AFTER you set 5 new PR’s.
7. Be mindful of your work ethic. Did you come in every week and lift or did you skip bench/deadlifts and then magically expect a 20lb jump. Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t put in the time!
8. Remember the goal of CrossFit is to get stronger and better at conditioning. We are athletes not powerlifters so be happy when you see progress in your lifts. Often I hear negative comments like, “I only added 10 lbs to my bench press and 5 lbs to my deadlift. I don’t know what happened.” I have to remind people that in only 6 weeks that is phenomenal progress especially since we do lots of conditioning! If you can get a few PR’s a year, be happy! It’s all about balance.