Monday 4/6

Team work! Long run, sled prowler push & incline row #crossfitaddiction

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Don’t wish for it, work for it:


1. Glute Activation – Beyond Bridges and Mini-Bands
2. ‘Don’t Earn Your Food in the Gym’ and Six Other Lessons I Wish I’d Learned Sooner
3. Taco-Spiced Deviled Eggs
4. Why we stopped recommending fish oil: It may be good for you, but being told to take it isn’t.

PM Workout
5 Rounds
8 DB Press + Step Ups 30/20 (24″/20″)
8 Tire Flips 450/250lbs
8 Barbell Lunges 115/75lbs
8 Bench Press 165/105lbs
1 Sled Push 2×45/2x25lbs

Box Squats (3 sets of 3)
Push Press (3 sets of 3)

1 min at each station. 20 sec rest.
1. row
2. pushups
3. jump rope
4. goblet squats
5. situps
30 sec at each station. 20 sec rest.
1. kb swings
2. wallballs
3. ring rows
4. hurdle jumps
5. lunges

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