Monday June 30th


Q: How is CrossFit Addiction different than other CrossFit Gyms?
A: We have 90 min classes broken down into warmup, mobility work, skill sessions, strength lifts, conditioning workout, and stretching. We are not a 20-min workout like other CrossFit gyms. We look at our clients long-term and want them to make progress years after they join, not just for the first 6 months. That means we take a more scientific approach rather than choosing random, short workouts and then pushing you out the door for the next class. We’ve had 600 members since opening in 2008. We keep members for years who continue to see regular, consistent progress.

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30 Sec Hurdle Jumps
30 Sec Elbows to Hands
Rest 1 min
30 Sec Lunges
30 Sec Jumping Pullups
Rest 1 Min
30 Sec Dumbell Push Press
30 Sec Flutter Kicks
Rest 1 Min
Repeat for a second round.

Double Juicy (for time)
12-24-36 Reps For Time
Weighted Step-Ups Holding 35/25lbs (24″/20″ Box)
Med Ball Throws 20/14lbs
4 Rounds
20 Weighted Situps (feet under dumbells)
20 Double Unders (40 singles)
20 KB Swings 55/35lbs