Sat 1/11

10:30am class!

Then come cheer on Addiction’s two teams in the Atlanta Affiliate League Winter Season at CrossFit Resurgens

12:00pm Addiction B-Side vs CrossFit III
12:30pm Addiction Alpha vs CrossFit Resurgens

Sat 1/11

WOD Daily Reading
Sumo Deadlift (10 min for sumo deadlifts)
Thruster (10 min for thruster)

Metcon – Tiebreaker AAL Team WOD (Time)
Tiebreaker WOD
Shuttle sprint
40 Wall Balls 20/10
40 Box Jumps 24/20
40 KB swings 53/35
Row 500/400
40 Thrusters 95/55
40 Power Cleans 135/95
Shuttle sprint

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Why do some weightlifters lift with their mouth open?

An Ironman Who Wasn’t Fit Enough

“Coach said so: Your job is just to do.”

As people fall down the rabbit hole of CrossFit they can become as addicted to educating themselves as they are to their workouts. (Guilty as charged.) It’s great to seek advice and tips and to become more knowledgeable on these topics. It’s great that all this information is all so readily available. But this discussion brings up a great point: are you using this knowledge as a sword or a shield? Sometimes you’ve got to admit that you’re cherry picking or sandbagging because you’re being scared or lazy. (Guilty as charged.)

I think most everyone is in agreement that gaining knowledge that prevents injury or gets you excited about the sport is a great addition to time spent in the gym. But at the point where we rationalize our less-than-full-effort based on something we read or watched on the internet… maybe we should just come in and trust the process simply because “Coach said so.” Or, to extend the argument, because the whiteboard says so, as it was written by a Coach who did the calculated thinking for you. Ultimately, it’s someone else’s job to program. As the athlete? “Your job is just to do.”

Elizabeth Ann Duncan (“E.A.”) is an attorney by trade and an amateur CrossFit nerd by choice. She is great at rationalizing doing what she wants to do and not doing what she doesn’t want to do, in all facets of her life, but she tries her best to not cherry pick and sandbag.

-From Derby City CrossFit