Thurs 2-27-14


Pool Season Approaches. Get Your Body Ready:

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3 Squat Myths That Need to Die
The Incredible Importance of Sleep for Habits & Motivation
Training Your Brain to Improve Your Vision
4 Common Mobility Issues in the Receiving Position

Power Clean 5×3 (70%)
“Swingers WOD”
-6 rounds
-3 man-makers
-6 kb swings 70/55
-9 step-ups holding dumbells
-12 floor sweepers
Switch Partners:
-3 Rounds
-50 Double Unders
-30 Toes To Bar

Everyone should compete in CrossFit. Here’s Top 5 Excuses To Avoid Competing, Answered:

5. “I’m not good enough.”
Who told you that? They are lying! There is a beginner division with workouts easier than our normal Monday workouts. If you can do our workouts by yourself, you can do easier workouts on a team of 8.

4. “My goals aren’t to compete.”
Getting fit isn’t your goal? Having fun isn’t your goal? Doing something new and exciting isn’t your goal?

4. “I don’t have $50.”
So you can pay $20 for a hamburger at a restaurant, $120 for unlimited texting, $5 for a beer, $9 for a glass of wine, but you just can’t seem to find $50 ANYWHERE? Hmmm. I’ll pay for you!

4. “I’m too busy.” 
Everyone is busy. I have 2 kids and several businesses and yet somehow I still have time to workout for a couple hours a week. Let me help with your scheduling, I’m sure we can work something out.

1. “I’m scared.”
We all are. That’s why we do things as a group, so that we have support.

1/2. “I’m not competitive.”
Tell me again why you joined a fitness program with timed workouts and Leaderboards?