Top 6 reasons you should check out CrossFit Addiction in 2016

  1. We are not a gym. We offer coached classes complete with instructions for proper warm-up, skill & strength work, metabolic conditioning, and cool-down stretches. We are a community of like-minded people who work hard and encourage each other to be better in every way.

2. We have everything you need to improve & maintain a high level of fitness.

3.  No gymtimidation. If you drop a weight or make a loud noise, you will not be asked to leave the    premises. If it’s a PR( personal record) you’ll most likely receive a congratulatory high-five, fist bump combo.

4. Dress code. Tall socks on deadlift days. No shirt( males), sports bra(females) if it gets too hot. We’re  all just a little more focused on our movement that what everyone else is wearing.

5. We offer a variety of programs from CrossFit(GPP), Power Athlete( Football, lacrosse, soccer), Weightlifting as well as an Open Gym Membership

6. Last but not least CrossFit Addiction has over 8 yrs of providing  Functional fitness for the City of Kennesaw and will continue to do so.


Contact for details and pricing.