Tues 3-18-14

Tried a CrossFit in Kennesaw/Acworth but didn’t join? Now try us and see the difference:

Fat, Female and 30?
Monkey Butt, CrossFit Crack, A Pain In The Ass
High Intensity Athletic Performance and Motivation
How to Clean Your Smelly Workout Clothes Properly

Power Snatch (5×3 85%)
Front Squat (5×3 85%)
Overhead Squat (5×3 85%)
Metcon#1 (Time)
2 Rounds
25 Thrusters 95/56
100 Double Unders

Metcon#2 (Time)
2 Rounds
15 Burpees
35 Wallballs 20/14

Ben Benoy – Not Too Busy For CrossFit

benbenoy_sdhpBen joined CrossFit Addiction 4+ years ago.  In that time he’s been our Morning Guy. Ben travels ALOT so he’s out of town a couple weeks a month on business. But he still comes to the 6am class anytime he’s home.

Ben attends class in -5 degree weather and 103 degree weather. He walks in at 5:50am and gets to work on the warmup immediately. He modifies some workouts and completes some workouts RX. He’s lost about 20-30lbs since he joined and has seen a good, consistent increase in his repertoire of skills. He never complains about anything and even on the most brutal workouts, stays until the job is done.

Unlike many of our members, Ben will never compete. He might never get a muscle up or learn some of the higher-level CrossFit skills. But his goal was never to compete against anyone else. He joined because he wanted to be in shape. He is the perfect example of what CrossFit does for people who have consistency in their training. Even though sometimes he can only attend class 4x in a month, Ben knows the importance of making his workout a priority.

ben_ropeclimbsI often workout with Ben in the mornings. I enjoy working out with him. Admittedly it’s difficult for me to wake up and workout and he always motivates me to get my mind right and get to work. No matter how tired or sore I am, I think about Ben and his unyielding commitment to that 6am class. After class he goes straight to work for a full day.

For anyone who says, “I’m too busy, I don’t have time,” “I don’t like working out in the morning,” or “I can only attend class 2x a week so it’s not worth it,” I would point to Ben and say he’s got a wife and kids, travels, and works a full-time job in Atlanta and somehow he manages. He makes it work. He doesn’t create excuses.

I’m proud to coach Ben, workout with Ben, and even proud to know Ben. If you ever attend our 6am class, Mon/Wed/Fri, you’ll see Ben – he’ll be the guy sweating, working hard to be in better shape than he was yesterday.