Tues 4-29-14

cfa_inlaws CrossFit Addiction’s Beginner Team took 4th place out of 20 teams in the Atlanta League’s Beat The Heat event!cfaoutlaws CrossFit Addiction’s Open Team took 5th place out of 25 teams in the Atlanta League’s Beat The Heat event!

We’ve been here 6 years and we aren’t going anywhere. 600 members can’t be wrong. Give us a try:


Strength Hang Power Clean (5×2 75%) Power Clean (5×3 75%) Thruster (5×2 75%) Jolene’s 26th Birthday Metcon (Time) 21-15-9 Dumbell Step Ups 35/25lbs Dips Extra Credit Handstand Push-ups (1 set of max reps) Pull-ups (max reps pullups in 1 min) —

CrossFit Addiction’s 6 Year Anniversary Lessons

Why do we lift in a periodization program? Why do we warmup for 20 min at each class? Why do we do multiple metcons in a single day? Why do we have 90 min classes at CrossFit Addiction? As your coach, I have my own opinions about what is best for athletes. If you attend class 3x a week for 90 minutes that means I have less than 5 hours a week to get you in shape. With that limited time I need to warm you up, stretch you out, loosen your joints, correct postural issues, fix muscular imbalances, get you strong, and increase your conditioning. So we prioritize what is important and cut a few lesser things out. We stick to the basics so we can get the most benefit out of the least amount of time. I believe in barbell lifting. Strength has been proven unequivocally to be a good thing. If you are a soccer mom trying to lose weight, a highschool kid, a grandma, or a guy in his 20’s trying to retain his athleticism, you need to lift heavy. Anyone that says heavy barbell lifting is dangerous is completely uneducated in Strength & Conditioning regardless of their degree or years in Med School. Do it right and do it often. I believe in a long warmup and working on mobility a few times a week. I’d like to do more mobility but we have limited time (and you have limited attention spans). I do not believe in doing olympic lifting more than a couple times a week, and I don’t think 90% of CrossFit members should do it at maximal weights. GASP! Olympic lifting is dangerous for people with mobility issues and anyone who doesn’t take the time to practice, study, and improve on a regular basis. So we stick to olympic lifting predominantly in metcons and use it at low weights for conditioning purposes. We still teach olympic lifting 2x a week, but not often enough to create athletes proficient enough to lift extremely heavy. Our elite level athletes spend significantly more time on olympic lifts so they can compete. The other 90% of you don’t need it. I believe in team WODs and competing in local team events, hence the multiple team WODs each week and the high-volume of metcons we do at our gym. I like team workouts because I think people respond best in a team environment. We get lots of members from other CrossFit gyms who want more challenge and we sometimes lose members who want easier workouts. I just don’t think 30 box jumps and 30 pullups qualifies as a good workout for most people- I would want my money back for that crap. Fitness needs to be challenging. If you want to row for 5 min or do a few sets of abs as a workout, join Gold’s Gym. We have 55+ yr olds and 16 yr olds doing our workouts. You don’t need a special program written for you. What we all need are the basics of fitness 3-4x a week with a supportive group and an educated coach. We need to enjoy coming to the gym. That in a nutshell is why we do what we do at CrossFit Addiction. Happy 6 Year Anniversary CrossFit Addiction members!