Tues 7-8-14

(Clockwise from left) Carl, Alyssa, Kelly, Grant
(Clockwise from left) Carl, Alyssa, Kelly, Grant

Fun workouts, great people, experienced coaches. Come try a free class:

Workout For Today
1-2-3-4-5-6-7…etc reps
Every 2 MIN on the minute.
-Deadhang Chinup (chinup with palms facing you)
-Clapping Pushup or Ring Pushup
-Trap Bar Deadlift 185/105
-Box Jump 30/24″

**Post number of UNBROKEN rounds. Must be UNBROKEN reps, meaning you can’t come off the bar on pullups, cant rest on pushups, cant put the bar down on deadlift, etc.**
If not unbroken reps, you can still continue but round doesn’t count.