Tues – 90 Sec.

Thomas doing atomic situps in yesterday’s workout

CrossFit Addiction Workout Journal – Download and Print

Periodization Makeup
Bench 3×5
Back Squat 3×5

1 Round
90 sec each for max reps
OHS 85/55lbs
Deadlifts 155/105lbs
Wallballs 20/14
GHD Situps

Record your numbers in order (45, 33, 64, 36, 49, 13, etc)

CrossFit Addiction Workout Journal – Download and Print

Periodization Sheet – Download and Print

Embrace Them Thighs
The No Complaining Rule
Female Mobility Case Study
Foot Positions in the Squat

Amazing story of a woman’s victory over disease with the use of CrossFit and eliminating grains from her diet.