Tues – Max Makeup + Deadlift Cindy

Chris and Tom pushing sleds

Gretchen is inviting everyone to celebrate Q’s birthday party on Saturday from noon till 2pm at Swift Cantrell Park. Bring the kids too. RSVP – 636-399-5163

Bench 3’s or 1’s MAX 
Squat 3’s or 1’s MAX 

10 or 20 min “Cindy”
5 Pullups
10 Hand-Release Flash Pushups
15 Air Squats 
*every round do deadlifts 155/95lbs. # of deadlifts = the round. 

I would advise against doing a 1 rep max unless you are very comfortable with a movement. 1 rep maxes are risky and can cause injury if you lift too much or have back technique. 3 rep max is enough to see improvement and also supplies enough stimulus to continue getting stronger. And with a 3 rep max you can see what your 1 rep “would be”.

1 rep max calculator

Adrienne chose 150 wallballs for time on Open Gym Thursday”