wed 4-2-14

1. 15 Ways To Eat an Egg For Breakfast
2. Can lifting heavy weights make you bulky? Not if you’re a woman
3. Why We Got Fatter During The Fat-Free Food Boom

Back Squat (1 rep max)
Bench Press (1 rep max)
Metcon (No Measure)
sled push x 5
50m sprint x 5
1000m Row (Time)
Max Effort 1000m Row

Look familiar? I rarely see a video on mobility or warmup that we don’t do regularly at CrossFit Addiction. We are hands down the best mobilized group in the area.

BTW, I got my Mobility Cert in 2011 back when people thought stretching wasn’t cool. Now we all realize that flexibility puts up the big numbers as evidenced by our group’s incredible progress in strength every 6 weeks on Periodization.