Becoming A Member

We asked our members, “Why did you join CrossFit Addiction?”

We received dozens of responses. Here’s a few…


“I’ve made so many friends, I’m in amazing shape, and surrounding myself with people like those at crossfit addiction has helped me grow into a better person. Everyone’s a lot older than me, but being around them I’ve grown up a lot and have had the opportunity to become close with a lot of extremely supportive and encouraging people who are excited to see me do better for myself. People who don’t do crossfit just don’t understand why I’d rather spend my free time in the gym with all these awesome people than being anywhere else. Probably one of the best decisions I’ve made was to get involved with crossfit!” -Brittany Bledsoe


I tried three different CrossFit gyms before visiting CF Addiction. Addiction was the ONLY gym where the members came up to me on their own, introduced themselves, and were overall supportive of a newbie. The sense of community, competition, and support. There is some competitiveness, but it’s more about using that to fuel your own performance and help push yourself to the next level. This community is also very supportive. If you’re struggling to finish a WOD, the other members are standing there cheering you on so you finish strong. I was never athletic before because I’ve been overweight all my life. I lost much of the weight before starting CF, but Addiction has really helped me continue to get strong and take it to the next level. The sense of accomplishment I feel after each WOD is what fuels me to come back again and again. I have so much more confidence in myself and it’s really permeated all aspects of my life.” -Kim Morris

dushane_squat“I enjoy the atmosphere at cf addiction. While there is another crossfit that is much closer to where I live, James is a great coach and made it an easy choice to pick a little longer drive for a great gym. I love that in about a month and a half I am making huge gains in the amount of weight that I’m lifting, my endurance, and my flexibility. This is the fastest I’ve ever improved my fitness and it makes me excited to keep coming back and see big changes.” -Amanda Dushane