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Company Profile

Qingdao Ruifeng Gas Co., Ltd, was established in l998, owns 56.45 million RMB of registered capital, has many branches, such as science and technology R&D center, liquefied natural gas company, pressure container manufacturing, pressure pipeline engineering, industrial gas production and gas equipment production, international trade department, cryogenic cylinders inspection center, LNG car modification center, dangerous chemicals transportation company and so on

LNG Trade and Distribution business, LNG trade and distribution business is a joint venture between our company and Jordan introduction. Jordan Introduction is also our managing partner, we are sourcing out LNG from Middle East and elsewhere, to ensure long term supply of LNG, our commitments to our customers , and increasing demand for LNG , we strive hard to provide our customers with the increased demand for LNG , that is why we are always seeking to establish new contracts with new suppliers.

Our business mainly in selected geographical areas to ensure supplying our customers in the LNG Gas stations in these selected cities: Dapeng, Putian, Yangshan, Ningbo, Zhuhai, Yangpu & Qingdao.

We are also planning to expand to other areas in the future, we have 20 years contracts with these LNG terminals:

Guangdong LNG

Fujian LNG

Shanghai LNG

Zhejiang LNG

Zhuhai LNG

Hainan LNG

Shandong LNG

We are planning to build a LNG Transit Station in Dongjiakou Port, Qingdao. According to the development plan, the Transit Station will be constructed and put into operation with 2 years, and the annual transit amount of LNG will reach 60, 000, 000 tons of LNG after 3 to 5 years.

Our customers are Industrial and commercial users of the Distributed Energy System/ City Cooling Heating and Power System, Fuel providers for natural gas vehicle engines.

Qingdao Ruifeng Gas Co, Ltd is the earliest gas specialized enterprise in Qingdao which has already got the IS090020000 quality certificate ,IS0140012004 environmental GB/T28001-2001 safety management authentication

Our company business scope: Dangerous chemicals production ; General cargo transportation; Wholesale ( storage banned); Industrial gas; gas filling ,cryogenic equipment , the pressure piping installation of air device; Manufacturing special cylinders.

 Generally business project: Wholesale and Retail: hardware, mechanical and electrical, building materials, steel; importing and exporting cargo, dangerous goods transport.

The company undertakingLNG gas station design, LPG station installation, LNG car modification, R&D of cryogenic pressure container, design and installation of pipeline engineering and GCl pipeline, coal mine fire extinguishing device system, life cabin for mining shelter, inspection maintenance and technical consultation of cryogenic pressure container etc.

According to the 12th National Economy and Social Development Five-year Plan:” in the face of increasingly strengthen resource environment, we must enhance crisis consciousness, establish the green low carbon development idea, by focusing on energy conservation and emissions reduction, and improve the incentive and restraint mechanisms, and speed up the building resource-saving, environmentally friendly mode of production and consumption patterns” and according to the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist party of China , which clearly put forward vigorously: promoting the requirements of the ecological civilization construction. Based on the actual conditions of Qingdao Ruifeng Gas Co, Ltd, thus enterprise this strategic development planning.

A:The guiding and target of the strategic development planning.

Guiding: The enterprise development plan is based on improving natural gas industrial chain , and adopt with the status of the management and development of the enterprise , combining with expanding the market scale, improving the level of enterprise management, the enterprise independent innovation ability, enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and creating a good economic benefit.

Target: Our enterprise strives for being a list company in three years, in 5 years respectively establishing the LNG receiving base, the LNG reserve base, overseas trade company, the LNG processing base, the LNG gas equipment production base, etc. completing the industry development planning approved by the Qingdao Development and Reform Commission (document No: No142 of 2011,) achieving the sale goals of 60 million tons of LNG. And our enterprise comprehensively realize corporate governance structure, the modern collectivize management mode and the market-oriented business model.

B:Market development planning:

Based on the market of the Shandong Province, developing the market of Guangdong Province, Fujian Province, Sichuan Province, Chongqing, the developing the national market, and enters into the international market, to achieve the increasing percent of the market size over 30% per year.

1. Expand the supporting construction of the foundation industry:

(1) Based on the existing manufacturing of the LNG vehicle carried vessel, gradually expanding the manufacturing scale, developing from the general production scale to the mass production scale.

(2) Based on the good port advantage of Dafeng port in Jiangsu Province and Dongjiakou port in Qingdao, constructing the LNG receiving station.

(3) Constructing the LNG transferring center station in Jiaonan of Qingdao.

(4) Constructing the LNG refine base in the Middle East.

2. Consolidating and expanding the market of Shandong Province

After 15 years of development, the company has been in shape, our product won the honor of “Famous Trademark of Shandong Province”, “The member unit of The National Import and Export trade Association” and The AAA unit of the Chinese Market Quality good Faith Service”, etc. Based on the above, our enterprise will continuously consolidate our old user and market, and constantly develop new customers and new market.

(1) Respectively constructing two production bases in Jiaozhou and Linyi of the Shandong Province, each production base supported 10 production lines, the annual output value could be 18 billion RMB Yuan, with daily production is 200 LNG vehicle carried vessels.

(2) Respectively constructing two production lines of industrial cylinder valve accessories and stainless steel plate, the annual output value could be 60 billion RMB Yuan.

(3) Through the transport of the LNG, providing powerful natural gas resource guarantees for the power generation enterprises of Qingdao and Qingdao surrounding areas.

3. Striving to develop the national market:

After several years of efforts, our company bases on the market of the Shandong Province, meanwhile developing the other domestic market, at present the overall market range of Shandong Province is narrow, then in the next five years we will make full use of the national policy of national new energy development, the development of the western region and the rising of central China, vigorously developing the regional market of China.

(1) Key regional market: Shandong Province (such as Qingdao, Yantai, Jinan, Linyi) Guangdong (Shantou, Guangzhou, Zhongshan).

(2) Regional market of gradually developing: Yunnan Province (Kunming, Dali, Wenshan) Fujian Province (Ningde, Zhangzhou), striving for the market radiation scope of the LNG and LNG vehicle carried vessel   covering twenty provinces of China in 2018.

4. Striving to develop the international market

Based on the development of the domestic market, our company will gradually enter into the international market, by the form such as cooperation, investment and so on developing the international market, and establishing the foreign industry base.

(1) In 2013, completing the survey and market research work of constructing the liquefied natural gas (LNG) production base in Middle East area.

(2) In 2014, gradually entering into the Middle East market and the Russian market, by the mode of trade and production to promote the development.

(3) Based on the experience of the Middle East development, in 2015 entering into the market of South America, Southeast Asia, North Africa and other countries.

5. The arrangement of the market scale:

The arrangement in 2013-2015:

The market scale in 2013 is 90 billion RMB Yuan, among which the market sale amount of LNG is 50 billion RMB Yuan; the investment of LNG vehicle carried vessel and the supporting equipment is 20 billion RMB Yuan; the construction investment of the LNG transfer station in Dongjiakou port of Qingdao is 10 billion RMB Yuan; the construction investment of the LNG storage and transportation station is10 billion RMB Yuan.

In 2014, the overseas investment projects up to 7 billion RMB Yuan; the sale amount of LNG is 60 billion RMB Yuan.

In 2015 the sale amount of LNG vehicle carried vessel is 78 billion RMB Yuan.

In 2016, the sale amount of LNG is 160 billion RMB Yuan.

In2017, the sale amount of LNG vehicle carried vessel and LNG is  180 billion RMB Yuan.

In2018, the sale amount of LNG vehicle carried vessel and LNG is 204 billion RMB Yuan.

C. Business planning:

Seizing the main business, integrating related industries, and intensifying management.

The industry chain is the main business ,the foundation and the fundamental business survival of the company,  in the future five years we will gradually adjust the industrial structure of the company, increase the scale of the car natural gas station project and industrial gasification station project, increase the income sources, on one side we should consolidate the existing market results, increase the market management strength, improve the competitiveness of the enterprises in the market, improve the management level of enterprises ,technology innovating level and improve enterprise profit ability .On the other hand we should gradually reduce the business and production cost and improve the economic benefit.

D. Technology innovating planning:

1. Based on the current technology center and engineering center of the company, declaring the national pillar industries, establishing the relating national gas equipment research and design institute. Stepped by the establishment of the design institute, pressure piping design office, applying to establish pressure vessel, dangerous chemicals, and pressure piping design institute.

2. Developing and promoting the application of the liquefied natural gas (LNG)

(1) Registering and producing the new tanks products of 300 L, 500L, then promoting the marketing

(2) Speeding up the equipment manufacturing, project construction and industrial layout of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) car gas stations and industrial gasification station Prizing equipment

(3) Researching and developing the cold energy use and supporting equipment related with the liquefied natural gas (LNG)

(4) Researching and developing the cryogenic fuel tank of ship and small car.

(5) Researching, developing and the establishing the refitting manufacturing base of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicle.

3. Strengthening the technical cooperation and R&D with the domestic and foreign automobiles manufacturers, expanding the market share of the products

4. Focusing on developing industrial standard gas: such as high purity oxygen nitrogen and argon for air separation industry, standard gas for the environmental protection department; standard gas for the laboratory; high purity gas mixture for car bulbs and so on.

E. Human Resource development planning

By the time of 2018, all the staff of our company will be the professional experts talent , 100% employed with certificates, have bachelor degree or above ; all of the management of each department, branch and project manager will be the educated and professional, the percent of senior engineering and technical personnel and economic management personnel will be more than 40%.

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