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Establishment and construction of LNG industry chain.

China, as the biggest energy consumer and importer, has benefited from the recent sharp drop in oil prices, and a lot of data from the other side shows that China is still very passive in the international energy market. Because the world's major energy prices are falling off a cliff, China seems unmoved, and domestic energy prices have not fallen as expected.

Ultimately, China is not strong enough. China in the international energy market have little bargaining power, and there are a variety of reasons: one is that although China is the demand side, but suppliers too concentrated, Saudi Arabia and other Opec members is restrained, the competition between Russia before has not been "sanctions" and so on us, for China's energy supply is not active; Second, international energy is denominated in us dollars, and is affected by the Wall Street futures trading market. China has insufficient influence on the international financial transaction pricing market. Third, China's energy imports are mainly controlled by several large state-owned enterprises, and the problems of cost and operational efficiency are not urgent enough, and lack of initiative and related pressure for negotiation.


Because of this, Qingdao ruifeng gas co., LTD., timely put forward and LNG industry chain project bid, the purpose is to combine the core issue of LNG supply from three links in stages and step to solve practical problems of China's LNG application in our country, the marketization of LNG supply and demand to specification and its proprietary technology promotion in market-oriented way, make it fast into the production, create economic benefits and social benefits. The project has been approved by the Qingdao development and reform commission in 2011, and is now in steady progress.

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